10 Tips for traveling to Ibiza – all the most frequently asked questions

If you are planning to go on a trip to Ibiza, you will surely have doubts if it is your first time or where to start. Surely you will want to know what to book and how to do it.

Ibiza is known for being one of the most touristic destinations in the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches and bohemian atmosphere. In addition, day and night entertainment that attract travelers from all over the world in search of fun and relaxation.


1. What is the best time to travel to Ibiza?

Ibiza is made up of three different periods in which you can travel, each one of them is completely different. Depending on the time chosen, you will live a different experience.

  • High season (July and August): this is the time most in demand by tourists and travelers from all over the world, where every year the island receives millions of visitors due to the long sunny days, very hot weather, little chance of rain and all services are fully operational. If your idea is to travel during these months, we recommend you make your hotel, car and flight reservations in advance, to find the best offer and most importantly, that there is availability.
  • Mid season (May and June/September): possibly the favorite months for many people who are looking for a middle term due to the milder climate, long and sunny days with less tourism, being able to experience a little more tranquility and relaxation. It should be noted that over the years the mid and high season is becoming much more widespread.
  • Low season (October to April): if you are looking for the other part of Ibiza, the lowest months you will be able to feel the true magic that the island shines in the low season where there are fewer people, cheaper prices, paradisiacal beaches and discover the wild Ibiza without people.


2. What do I need to know and book before organizing my trip to Ibiza?

Many times we do not give the importance of organizing a trip and this in Ibiza, in mid or high season, it may be that you end up paying much more or that you find yourself with a lack of availability of flights, hotels or car rental.

  • Flights: once you have decided on the exact days of your trip to Ibiza, it is very important to book flights as far in advance as possible in order to get good prices. View available options SkyScanner and Google Flights are the best options.
  • Hotels: the next step will be to find the best accommodation for your needs. It is highly recommended to do it in advance to find good deals. If you are looking for the best hotels for each area of the island, we recommend that you visit our Ibiza hotel guide Open new tab. To find the best deals at the best discount at Booking.com Open new tab.
  • Rental car (or motorcycle): if you want to get to know Ibiza in depth, you will need a vehicle at your disposal. We support local businesses and our favorite is AutosMarí Open new tab, without fine print and always providing good service.
  • Activities: many times we leave the reservation of activities that we want to do during our stay on the island at the last minute. We advise you to book in advance, here we leave you the best activities Open new tab you can do in Ibiza.
  • Restaurants: some restaurants you will need to reserve a table if you want to ensure eating in that specific place. The large amount of tourism in Ibiza and more so in the high season months can be a headache if you do not make reservations for lunch or dinner in many coastal and central restaurants. In this section we leave you a guide to the best restaurants in Ibiza Open new tab in each geographical area.
Ibiza Hotels


3. How many days do you recommend traveling to Ibiza? Is a weekend enough?

It is undoubtedly one of the questions that comes the most when planning your trip to Ibiza is how many days are necessary to get to know the island. This question is very personal, since each traveler will apply to their needs and what they want.

For now we will tell you that the time you stay, you will enjoy the island like never before and if we have to tell you the ideal to know places to see in Ibiza, enjoy its beaches and nightlife, it would be between 5 and 7 days.

Can’t travel to Ibiza for so many days? It is not a problem, since with less time you will be able to enjoy a lot due to the great variety of things to do and with the advantage of not seeing everything, you will have an excuse to go back for another getaway.

Can I go to Ibiza for a weekend? Everything is possible, it is true that it is not the most ideal since there are many places to see, but if you organize yourself well and have an optimized guide, you will be able to enjoy its variety of beaches (here you have the best Ibiza beach guide), discover cities or towns and markets on the island (see all the options at Things to do).



4. Proposals for routes around Ibiza

Depending on the weather, you will have more options to see in Ibiza and if you have 5 days, it would be ideal to fully enjoy a perfect experience that will surprise you. Whatever your decision, we want to give you different options that you can adapt to your tastes and needs so that you can enjoy the island to the fullest no matter how many days you have.

Trip to Ibiza 3 days
Undoubtedly, these are the days that we recommend traveling to Ibiza at least, as we have said before, you can vary according to the traveler’s personality needs. The idea is to spend a couple of hours on each beach and then visit a town for dinner or see one of the most important markets.

  • Day 1: Es Cavallet – Las Salinas – Es Bol Nou – Eivissa
  • Day 2: Cala Salada – Cala Comte – Cala Bassa – Sant Antonio
  • Day 3: Cala d’Hort – Las Dalias Market – Cala Xarraca – Cala Benirrás

Trip to Ibiza 4 days
With one more day, the options are greater, you can enjoy a greater variety of beaches and coves or also the option of enjoying a night out in any of the clubs on the island.

  • Day 1: Es Cavallet – Las Salinas – Es Bol Nou – Eivissa
  • Day 2: Cala Salada – Cala Comte – Cala Bassa – Sant Antonio
  • Day 3: Cala d’Hort – Las Dalias Market – Cala Xarraca – Cala Benirrás
  • Day 4: Cala Llenya – Cala Nova – Cala Llonga – Santa Eulalia

Trip to Ibiza 5 or more days
By having a large number of days, you have the option of being able to visit the best beaches in each geographical area every day, that is, those of the south, east, north and west. In our Ibiza beach guide Open new tab we show you geographically all the beaches to make them the perfect vacation and things to see and do Open new tab in Ibiza.

Las Dalias


5. Cities and towns of Ibiza

The vast majority of travelers come to the island attracted by the variety of leisure and beaches that Ibiza offers, but the island offers much more than that with cities and towns full of history that over time have become other tourist attractions of the island. We recommend that you visit this list of different towns that you can include in your travel list to the white island.

  • Ibiza city: known in Catalan as Eivissa, it is undoubtedly the capital of the island and offers unbeatable leisure activities in which you enter the most beautiful historic centers of Spain, from its wall in Dalt Vila to getting lost in its marina and streets full of life with a great gastronomic and commercial variety.
  • Sant Antoni de Portmary: many dismiss this area because of its fame for youth entertainment in the West End, but San Antonio offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants with privileged views of the best sunsets on the island.
  • Santa Eulària des Riu: it is the ideal place for any traveler since it is a municipality that everyone loves, its excellent location in the eastern part of the island means that it is away from the hustle and bustle and breathes tranquility. It has a variety of high quality restaurants.
  • Sant Josep de sa Talaia: one of the most traditional and beloved towns on the island is San José, where every Saturday the traditional market is held that you cannot miss and its incredible beaches.
  • Santa Gertrudis: it is the town in the center of the island, for those travelers who want to experience the real Ibiza outside of tourism.
  • Es Canar: it is located in the eastern part of Ibiza and has one of the most important markets on the entire island.
  • San Carlos: located near the famous Las Dalias market, is this small point where the hippie atmosphere is still found and one of the places that have been a meeting point on the island, the famous Bar Anita. A mandatory visit and try its famous Ibizan herb liqueur.
  • San Rafael: between Ibiza town and Sant Antoni de Portmary is located San Rafael, which is the ideal place to enjoy crafts, gastronomy and relaxation.
  • Es Cubells: a town with a lot of island tradition that will take you back in time in a unique way.
    Santa Agnès de Corona: it is the ideal place to get to know the most rural and peasant Ibiza.
Dalt Vila


6. The best beaches and essential coves that you must visit in Ibiza

Going to Ibiza without seeing its beaches is losing all the charm and magic that this island has. The beaches and coves are largely the objective of many travelers who come to the island with the intention of enjoying its blue waters and mysterious coves.

There are many beaches and coves that Ibiza offers, each one with a lot of charm and beauty. We make you a list of the best recommended ones that you cannot miss.

It is important to know before traveling to Ibiza is that, in high season, especially in the months of July and August, if you go by car to one of the most famous beaches, the parking lots usually fill up quickly and if you go by motorcycle, not you will have problem.

Best beaches in the south of Ibiza:

  • Es Cavallet
  • Las Salinas
  • Es Bol Nou
  • Cala Jondal

Best beaches in the west of Ibiza:

  • Cala d’Hort
  • Cala Comte
  • Cala Bassa
  • Cala Salada
  • Cala Gració

Best beaches in the north of Ibiza:

  • Cala Benirrás
  • Cala Xarraca
  • Cala Portinatx
  • Cala d’en Serra

Best beaches in the east of Ibiza:

  • Cala Llenya
  • Cala Nova
  • Cala Llonga
  • Aguas Blancas

We recommend you see all the beaches in our guide Open new tab.

Cala Salada y Saladeta


7. Where to stay in Ibiza

Ibiza offers a large number of hotel offers in different areas of the island, if you want to know the exact area that best suits your needs, you should read this article where we explain each place on the island in detail. Read where to stay in Ibiza Open new tab.


8. Do I need to rent a car to tour Ibiza?

Rent a car to travel to Ibiza? The answer will depend on the type of trip you want to do during your stay on the island. Our recommendation is always to rent a car (or motorcycle) since it is essential if you want to do a relatively complete route around the island without having to wait for public transport, since in many cases it doesn’t have the desired connections and schedules.

Another option if you live on the peninsula is to take your own car or motorcycle on one of the ferries that leave every day from Barcelona, Valencia or Mallorca.

We leave you some regulations and advice before driving in Ibiza.

  • Always remember to respect the allowed speed, since you can trust many sections due to the number of curves that you can find in different areas of the island.
  • If you want to go to the beach, we advise you to go first thing in the morning since in mid-high season some beaches can be full from early in the day.
  • In the event that you cannot find parking, avoid parking outside the designated areas, as it is important to respect the natural environment of the island.
  • In the event that you go out to nightlife, do not drink if you are going to drive. Leave the car at the hotel and take a taxi or public transport to avoid any tragedy in your life and that of others.
Es Vedrà


9. Ibizan gastronomy

Gastronomy in Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the world and it is not everything is beach and leisure. Cooking on the island has always played a very important role, where there is an immensity of typical island recipes and we want you to get to know some of them during your trip. The most typical dishes of Ibiza:

  • Bullit de peix: it is a fish stew that is eaten as a main dish, before arroz a banda. It is undoubtedly one of the most typical dishes of Ibizan gastronomy.
  • Sofrit pagès: it is a traditional dish of different meats, potatoes and vegetables from the island.
  • Fried octopus: dish made with octopus, potatoes, onion and pepper.
  • Country salad: a preparation of boiled potatoes, roasted red peppers, egg, tomato and cod.
  • Slaughter rice: one of the most typical and traditional rice dishes on the island.
  • Greixonera: a dessert made with leftover ensaimada and a pudding texture.
  • Flaó: made with mint and sugar, very similar to a cheesecake.
  • Orelletes: it is a typical sweet of the island similar to donuts.
  • Herbal liqueur: a liqueur with a long tradition on the island. If you want to know where to buy and try, read Ibizan herbs Open new tab.

Also, do not forget to visit the best Ibiza restaurant guide Open new tab.

Bar Anita Ibiza


10. Best excursions in Ibiza

Going on excursions during your trip in Ibiza is one of the options most in demand by tourists, being the boat tour one of the most valued and perfect for experiencing all the magic that the island offers. Remember that, if you go in high season, it is very important to make a reservation in advance so as not to run out of space.

If you want to go to Formentera, we recommend this ferry Open new tab and enjoy the best Formentera beach guide Open new tab.


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