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Hierbas Ibicencas – the authentic taste of Ibiza

Hierbas Ibicencas is a magical drink with aroma extracts from various plants and with a variable degree of sweetener. This spirit drink is very common in homes due to tradition in its artisanal production, with its own recipes and secrets never confessed. It is a drink with a long tradition on the island and that today you can find bottled from different brands.

Ibiza herbs


Used as a digestive

Initially, the Ibizan herbs are used as a digestive, it is the ideal drink for after eating since this anise liqueur is made up of a large selection of Ibizan flora with up to 28 different species, among which rosemary, thyme, rue or the fennel. It should be noted that it has a minimum of 24% and a minimum of 38% vol, which is considerable to drink in moderation.

Hierbas Ibicencas


Tradition in its elaboration

There are several Ibizan families that are in charge of making this famous Ibizan drink. Herbes Can Vidal is an example of this with recipes full of love with a lot of tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. In addition, many restaurants and private houses prepare their own herbs, providing different nuances so that you can discover the flavor of each one.

 Marí Mayans Family Ibiza Herbs

Marí Mayans Family Ibiza Herbs are the best known, all over the world. Created since 1880 by the Marí Mayans family.

Mari Mayans


Herbes Can Vidal

Herbes Can Vidal, San Juan. Ibizan tradition since 1928. Using some herbs from his own garden.
Herbes Can Vidal


Ibiza Herbs Aniseta

Ibiza Herbs Aniseta is one of the homemade Ibizan herb recipes made in Aniseta liqueurs, founded by the brothers Vicente and Juan Ferrer Roig in 1925.
Aniseta Ibiza Hierbas


Can Rich Wineries

Can Rich Wineries, focused on wines and oils, prepare their own recipe of Ibizan herbs that they take care of with great care.
Ibiza Hierbas Can Rich


Bar Anita or Ca n’Anneta

Bar Anita or Ca n’Anneta is one of the best-known restaurants on the island where Ibizan herbs are part of its history, made with 100% traditional methods.

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