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Es Cavallet beach – paradise between dunes

Located in the Natural Area of Special Interest of Ses Salines, the Cavallet Beach is a long narrow strip of white sand that merges with the clear waters that bathe its coast.

It is a beach known as a gay and nudist space, but in practice it is frequented by a very varied audience.  Unfortunately nowadays the Cavallet beach is full of posidonia that accumulates in the form of mountains near the coast.

Although this dirty aspect impoverishes the beauty of the beach, it has a very nice beach bar where it is possible to escape the strong summer heat.


  • Length: 950m
  • Width: 30m

Restaurants and bars

This paradisiacal beach has a very exclusive club-restaurant for weddings and events in the northern part of the beach. To the south of the beach is the popular Chiringay bar and restaurant, a meeting point for the island’s LGBTQ community.

Map of Es Cavallet Beach

Activities near Playa Es Cavallet

Es Cavallet Beach Ibiza

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Amanda YorkAmanda York
20:34 20 Dec 22
An interesting drive to arrive at this huge stretch of sand and southern coastline. Enjoy the nudist beaches in the summer or the atmosphere of the deserted beaches and unique waves out of season. The parking has really organised itself in recent years and the long stroll to the beach through nature is very special. Here is a rainbow in October over Dalt Villa!
Robert SchremmerRobert Schremmer
15:15 19 Oct 22
We came just after the season closed, so the bar wasn’t open. We arrived fairly early and found some apparently-abandoned umbrellas and lounge chairs and nothing else. We settled in for a few nice hours of sun and sand. The beach is clean and pretty enough. Wasn’t very crowded but got more so as the day went on. One guy walked by once, attempting to sell us blankets or something but he wasn’t too aggressive about it. Several people - men and women - were nude. It seemed very comfortable. Early afternoon, a man came to where we were sitting with the umbrellas and yelled at us in Spanish - he may have been angry that we hadn’t paid for the chairs and umbrellas but there hadn’t been anyone to pay when we arrived.
Denis ParkerDenis Parker
17:42 06 May 22
Good beach if the wind is not high. Very pretty and long. Unlike most naturist beaches where you walk for ages and climb a mountain to get to it. This one you fall out of the car park on to the beach party the restaurant and the first lifeguard and the naturist start all with a few minutes. The car park looks suspiciously small so I guess in season get there early. Don't know where else you could park. Often the waves seem strong but at the far end from the car park still material but said to be gay but looked missed to me, here the beach is slowly shelving so better to swim. Lovely sand all the way. There is a restaurant the far end as well. It may as easy to get to it from Ses Selaines car park but I have not tried it.
Mr BrightsideMr Brightside
15:45 17 Nov 20
Beautiful remote beach accessed by driving on the road through Ibiza's salt production fields, very scenic. The beach itself is as nice as any, fairly narrow strip of sand, rolling blue waves, backed by sand dunes.Had no idea it was designated a gay beach, not that it bothers us one iota, but didn't see any evidence of it while there either, maybe like many other beaches there is a specific area to one end.The beach has very limited facilities. One, maybe two restaurants (didn't walk quite close enough to see if one was) the other is rather expensive, though looks lovely, not sure if you combine a beach day with an expensive meal - normally the heat makes me less hungry.Don't be put off by Google describing it as a nudist beach, all Spanish beaches technically are as it is allowed on all of them, on this particular beach on our visit we only saw topless so we also kept our bottoms on.Notable feature is that there was a lifeguard on duty.Would recommend a visit if you have a car, not without, and take some provisions. If you need a wee, swim out to sea : )
Wong JulongWong Julong
17:03 16 Aug 18
My favorite beach in Ibiza: clean water, soft sand, no stone, great landscape view, and less people. It is recommended come by car and park out side and walk through the woods around 15 mins. But it really worth a walk tour!! Then you will find your self at a wonderful gay beach.

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