Ca n’Anneta (Bar Anita) – the place of pilgrimage in Ibiza

In the era of hippie Ibiza to this day is the mythical bar in Sant Carles called Ca n’Anneta, also known as Bar Anita. It is the place of pilgrimage where Ibizans and travelers try the most famous herbal liqueur on the island.

Bar Anita


Herbal liqueur Ca n’Anneta

The same family behind the bar have been producing this famous traditional recipe drink made by the women of the village for more than a century, the ideal place to enjoy the flavor of the island.


History of the place

It all began as a small shop in the town until a woman named Anita took over the house and in the year 60 opened what is known today as Ca n’Anneta, where there was a great revolution during the hippie era where people from everyone enjoyed this place as a meeting point to disconnect and enjoy its gastronomy.

Bar Anita


Homemade gastronomy

Bar Anita has homemade food and tapas, highlighting its famous octopus or montaditos. They are special in meat and fresh fish, as well as their suggestions of the day where they prepare seasonal products. Don’t forget their desserts!

Bar Anita Ibiza


Map of Bar Anita


Information about Bar Anita Ibiza

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