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Amnesia Ibiza – legendary Ibiza club

Amnesia Ibiza is one of the most important clubs in Ibiza and possibly one of the most important places in the world. This nightclub is mainly based on electronic music and has two rooms: The first is the Club Room, where darkness and good music go hand in hand. On the other hand, The Terrace, the largest of the two and possibly where there is magic every night until dawn and see the light that enters through the roof.

Amnesia Ibiza have played the most important DJs in the world, each season has unique events that you can dance on a unique dance floor and accompanied by a high quality sound system.

Amnesia Ibiza


Club Room

It is the small room of Amnesia, but that does not mean that it is small in events since the best DJs in the world have played. Its darkness, lights and surround sound make this room a unique place to get lost in time listening to your favorite DJ on a magical night in Ibiza.



It’s the main room of Amnesia Ibiza, it has a main track and in every corner you can find a bar. It is undoubtedly one of the most important venues on the island and worldwide, any national or international DJ known worldwide has played there. In addition, this room has something very special and that is that at dawn, light enters the ceiling and makes this place a magical event to remember.

Terrace at Amnesia Ibiza


Map of Amnesia Ibiza

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All Amnesia Ibiza events for the 2024 season ⬆️

See here all the events of the legendary Ibiza club.

Opening party 


Do Not Sleep

16/05/2024 – 12/06/2024

Ben Hemsley


Sonny Foder

17/06/2024 – 30/10/2024


25/06/2023 – 17/09/2024




19/06/2024 – 02/10/2024


06/06/2024 – 12/10/2024


19/07/2024 – 06/10/2024

Pyramid Special



09/06/2024 – 06/10/2024

Kevin & Perry



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