Will Privilege Ibiza reopen as a club in 2025?

The iconic Privilege Ibiza nightclub, famous for its grandeur and central role in the island’s nightlife scene, has been closed for several years, mired in a state of neglect and disuse. However, recent developments have brought exciting news about the future of the premises, as Grupo Matutes has acquired the property and is undertaking an ambitious refurbishment.

Privilege Ibiza news 2023


Closing and acquisition

After years of uncertainty and closure, Privilege Ibiza closed its doors for the last time in September 2019, leaving a void in the island’s nightlife.

However, in a turn of events, Grupo Matutes, known for its successful management of other renowned venues such as Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa Ibiza, has acquired the iconic nightclub. This acquisition marks a new chapter in the history of Privilege Ibiza and promises to revitalize one of the most emblematic places on the island.

The latest news was given to us by Yann Pissenem on 17 June 2023, business partner of the Matutes family and owner of The Night League, a brand associated with the entertainment brand Ushuaïa Entertainment.

The post he let us show on Instagram titled “Creative meeting. If you know… you know.” shows a meeting with architects as they reviewed the famous construction plans.

New Privilege Ibiza


Reformation and renaissance

With the vision of turning Privilege Ibiza into a world-class entertainment destination, Grupo Matutes has begun an ambitious remodeling of the premises. This renovation is expected to bring a number of improvements, including infrastructure upgrades, cutting-edge technology and an improved visitor experience. From the dance floor to the VIP areas, every aspect of the club is being carefully designed to offer an unforgettable experience.

In another of the photos from Yann Pissenem’s publication we can see the plane more closely, in which we are not going to say things that we do not know, but one thing for sure, he put the word #clubbing as a Hashtag, which leaves us a club, the rebirth of Privilege Ibiza by 2025 will be certain.

New Privilege Ibiza


Impact on the Ibiza night scene

The reopening of Privilege Ibiza under the management of Grupo Matutes not only marks an exciting rebirth for the club, but also has the potential to revitalize the island’s nightlife scene as a whole. With its established reputation and proven track record of success in managing high-end entertainment venues, Grupo Matutes is positioned to take Privilege Ibiza to new heights and attract a global audience of music and nightlife lovers.


Keep the name of the legendary club?

We don’t know if it will keep the Privilege Ibiza name or have a new idea, from the experience we have at Pure Nature Ibiza, we can reveal that when Hï Ibiza became known to the world on Instagram at its baptism, the first registration name was ïNight. Could it be reincarnation?

Leds of Privilege Ibiza


Expectations and anticipation

Anticipation is building as Ibiza awaits the long-awaited return of Privilege Ibiza. With its legacy of extravagance and renewed potential, the club promises to be a must-see destination for locals and visitors alike.

The reopening of Privilege Ibiza is expected to usher in a new era of entertainment on the island, bringing not only music and fun, but also a renewed sense of excitement and energy to Ibiza nightlife that we will see in 2025.



The rebirth of Privilege Ibiza under the management of Grupo Matutes represents an exciting chapter in the history of the club and the island as a whole. With its legacy as the world’s biggest club and new momentum under new management, Privilege Ibiza is set to regain its place at the top of Ibiza’s nightlife scene and delight a new generation of music fans. and the fun we can see in the summer of 2025.

If Grupo Matutes has something, it’s working against the clock. We must remember how in just 7 months the legendary Space Ibiza club became Hï Ibiza. Today they are working day and night, so we can be sure that we will have news about how the biggest club in the world will be reborn with a more impressive vision.



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