Time & Space – mysterious monument in Cala Llentia

Time & Space is the most photographed sculpture-monument in Ibiza. The location of this mysterious work is in Cala Llentia, a work by renowned sculptor Andrew Rogers commissioned by Guy Laliberté for his famous Can Soleil mansion.

This mysterious sculpture is made up of 13 solid basalt columns weighing 420 tons that were transported by ship from Turkey to Ibiza.

The tallest column is about 10 meters high, finished in 23-carat gold to reflect the message with the setting sun on the day of the winter solstice.



Connected with the planets

These columns form around a circumference of an eclipse that alludes to the paths of the planets moving around the sun. The theory is the vision of time and space, along with the interconnection with the planet earth and its humanity. This layout is also known as Ibizan Stonehege.

Time and Space, Ibiza


Other theories

They say that it is also a compass for UFOs given its proximity to the islets of Es Vedrá. A work of art, whether its stories are true or not, is undoubtedly a place you should visit.


The gates to paradise

You will also see some doors that open to the most famous islet on the island, Es Vedrà. A complete work of art with the magic of Ibiza.


Map of Time & Space

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