The night of San Juan – the magical night to welcome the summer

On Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24, 2022, the celebrations of the San Juan night will take place throughout the island, especially the party in the town of San Juan itself. This event will include dances, traditional folk fireworks, concerts, and food and drink stalls. On the night of June 23 (La nit de San Joan) there are bonfires and fireworks, where people jump over small bonfires. The next day, the June 24 celebrations begin with a mass, followed by a procession from the church to the center of town, and end the day with a fireworks display.


The night of San Juan on June 23

Two years have passed where it has not been possible to celebrate the magical night of the beginning of summer due to covid. This year everything will proceed as normal and in different parts of the island you will be able to enjoy the bonfires in Ibiza town, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, Santa Gertrudis, San Rafael and San Agustín.


History of the bonfires of San Juan

Lighting a bonfire on the night of June 23 was a rhythm that symbolizes the purification of the participants, leaving sins and bad energies before the summer solstice. Other traditions count on lighting the fire to give strength to the sun, from that moment its power begins to reduce until the arrival of winter.

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