The flamingos in the Ses Salines Natural Park

In the Ses Salines Natural Park you will find the most important population of aquatic birds in Ibiza, all thanks to its ponds that serve as a refuge for different species such as flamingos.

These specimens feed on crustaceans and algae, where this year more than 1,000 flamingos have been registered, which is the largest count since this bird presence began to be registered in 1988.

These famous pink birds can be seen from the main road of Ses Salines or from the different viewpoints that the Natural Park has. In addition, there are visual information points that tell you in detail its particularities such as information on other migratory birds.


Why are flamingos pink?

Flamingos have a pink color, it all depends on their diet. The digestive system of these birds extracts the reddish pigments of the microorganisms that it ingests and accumulates in its feathers during the period of its growth.

When this bird has a pink color, it means that it has a correct diet, is in good health and has the ability to seduce. Also add that the ponds of Ibiza have a large amount of a small crustacean called “Artemia salina” in which it helps to guarantee the maintenance of the lagoons, the purity of the salt and the favorite food of the flamingos.



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