The first bath in ses Salines – Ibiza 2023

Ses Salines beach has once again become the perfect setting to start this new year 2024 with a good dip. Hundreds of people have taken advantage of January 1, which is a New Year’s holiday, to enjoy with friends, family and enjoy a different day on the beach of ses Salinas.

At 12:00 the most daring have placed themselves on the shore to get into the water as a tradition each year as a celebration and wish for a year full of dreams and success for all.


How did this tradition start?

The Vino&Co family are Dutch people who have lived in Ibiza since 2001.

They say that almost every year in Ibiza there is a spectacular day on January 1 and in 2010 they met with family and friends with two bottles of champagne in Ses Salines beach.

They decided that it was a good way to start the year by bathing in the sea and thus the first bath of the year was born, as recounted by the family made up of Jeroen Hamersma and his wife Sylvia and daughters Rosa, Bette and Lola.

People at ses Salines


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