Six Senses Ibiza  spirituality and beauty accompanied by luxury

Imagine a trip in which you seek prolonged comfort and help you achieve peace of mind. This is Six Sense Ibiza, a resort born with the mission of transmitting well-being to all guests, even once they leave the white island. The mission, as its team says, is to make you connect with community, spirituality and celebration, making Six Senses Ibiza the resort that shows that there is a space adapted to you.


For lovers of relaxation

Six Senses Ibiza has the spa where you will have the best treatments, being pioneers in innovation to combine science and human conscience to offer the best quality to its guests.

From treatments given by experts from around the world, to personalized and individual wellness retreats for family and friends. Without a doubt, a luxury in every way.

Follow the fitness routine for the most athletic, with a space that includes facilities such as a boxing ring, gym or yoga rooms. For those who enjoy high-level gastronomy.


Under the concept “from farm to table” they offer a rich organic variety, seasonal and selecting a responsible origin. That is the definition of Six Senses Ibiza cuisine, each gastronomic space has its own specialty and they all offer true delicacies.

HaSalon Ibiza is in charge of the internationally famous chef Eyal Shani, a chef who prepares the best dishes with vegetables grown in the resort’s own garden.

Another restaurant that Six Senses Ibiza has is Beach Caves. As its name suggests, this venue offers live music and is built on rocks overlooking the sea that border the resort. There are more options such as Farmacy Bar, The Ibiza 500 or The Farmers Market to savor the local dishes that Ibiza offers, where the tasting will always be successful.


For those looking for fun and adventure

Not everything was going to be relaxing. Six Senses Ibiza knows its guests perfectly and wants to adapt to them. The facilities of Six Senses Ibiza as its magnificent location offer different experiences to enter the culture of Ibiza.

If you are one of those who likes to explore, Cala Xarraca is the perfect place, where the resort offers guided kayak, catamaran, paddle or scuba diving tours. If you are one of those who do it on your own, in our Ibiza Beach Guide Open new tab section you will have all the necessary information on how to get to each beach.


For those who love to rest after the end of the day

The incredible rooms of the resort are to discover, each space and design transmits you peace. At Six Senses Ibiza you can choose between the 100 guest accommodations in which there are villas, suites and caves facing the beach, on an 8-hectare estate with views of the bay.

All the rooms are well equipped and with all the necessary comforts, being a complex focused on sustainability and powered by its own renewable energy with the objective of zero waste and zero single-use plastics.


Map of Six Senses Ibiza

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