Sailing in Ibiza continues to cause a sensation even in winter – Ibiza in winter

Visiting the Spanish island in summer is very common, being the season of the year with the most movement on the island. In addition to this season, sailing in Ibiza in winter has become a sensation.

If you want to visit Ibiza in winter, you will find fun things to enjoy and do in winter. In winter, all kinds of boats arrive of tourists from all countries, since traveling to Ibiza in winter can be accompanied by many advantages and places to visit that you will make the most of.

Cala Llonga


Reasons to sail in Ibiza in winter

Ibiza in winter is very different from summer, but you can enjoy unique things on these very cold dates. Each season on the island has something particular, becoming a different experience for each season and if, in addition, you love winter, do not hesitate to enjoy the island in winter seasons.


You will know Ibiza more natural and authentic

In high season, Ibiza is filled with many tourists and this sometimes prevents us from fully enjoying each of the places or natural spaces that the island offers. The winter season, sailing in Ibiza is a great choice since you will be able to discover all the beauty in a more natural and authentic way.

Activities in Ibiza


Find no crowd

At the time of the month of October, most of the tourists who arrived in Ibiza begin to leave, which makes it a very quiet and peaceful island for those who are not lovers of crowds. Being able to sail in Ibiza with a much more open sea with hardly anyone around you, makes the landscapes more spectacular and the tourist spaces unique.


Much cheaper in winter

Another of the great reasons why sailing in Ibiza in winter is because of how cheap it is, because it is a time of the year that does not tend to be very touristy, in which it is normal for prices to decrease in the market.


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