Romeo’s Ibiza – a Route 66 motel in the Mediterranean

Surely you have heard of the mythical route 66 that runs from Chicago to Santa Monica, where you can see hotels as spectacular as this Motel along its path without having to leave Ibiza.

Based on the 60s, 70s and 80s of American cinema, Romeo’s Ibiza is a hotel based on roadside motels, specializing in American diners and the famous Las Vegas weddings. Located in the beautiful bay of San Antonio where just 300 meters away you will have the closest beach.


Retro style, neon and a very personal aesthetic

Talking about the Concept Hotel Group hotel chain is talking about different and unique hotels throughout the island. Each one has a theme that makes it have its own character and Romeo’s Ibiza is once again the sample of it.

The aesthetics of the hotel reflects all the American movies of those magical places in the United States, where it is characterized by its bright colors, bright neon signs and the famous American hamburger dinners. In addition, the pool is designed from the 60’s and has a lot of personality.


Based on different places

The Romeo’s Ibiza hotel has each corner with a specific place on Route 66, you just have to see its famous suites where they are decorated by the different American stops that make up the route such as Las Vegas, Tucumari, California or New Mexico.

The details on the outside are not for less, where the pool is located and the hammocks you can find parked cars from the 60’s. In addition, Romeo’s Ibiza route 66 will make you feel like you are living a reality at all times due to its incredible New York aesthetic.


Movie rooms

The hotel rooms are based on the façade of the hotel, very cozy neon lights, retro tables and a terrace that will make you live an unforgettable experience.


The secrets of Romeo’s Ibiza

The incredible pool in the center of the establishment together with the sunbeds covered by striped umbrellas will make you move to a live movie. It has a heart-shaped jacuzzi that you will have to experience in a relaxed and very striking atmosphere.

Another place to highlight is its playroom, a secret and hidden place where you will find leopard print sofas, an American bar and a karaoke. This place is ideal for private parties of up to 20 people.


Do you want to get married in Romeo’s Ibiza?

Based in Las Vegas, this incredible hotel has its own wedding chapel to make your dream come true after a night of fun. In addition, they take maximum care of every detail, since the one who is marrying you is a priest dressed as Elvis Presley.

To make your wedding more complete, you will have the option of renting one of the cars from the Romeo’s Ibiza car park. You can choose between a limousine or a Cadillac Fleetwood that will make a very magical night.


Gastronomy in Romeo’s Ibiza

The restaurant in Romeo’s Ibiza is called Mandy’s and it is a typical American dinner where you can enjoy their incredible American hamburgers and ice cream shakes. It has a very special menu since it also has dishes like mac&cheese, chicken wings or barbecue ribs.

All this accompanied by a movie restaurant where they take care of all kinds of American details such as leather seats and colors that will make you be in your own movie.


Information about Mandy’s Restaurant


Map of Romeo’s Ibiza

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