Pikes Ibiza – a hotel with a lot of history

On July 4, 1980, Tony Pike gave the opening of a hotel complex that, to this day, is full of history called Pikes Ibiza. Visited by thousands of celebrities and parties that have been enjoying generations on the white island.

Mr. Pikes was born in England in 1934 where he lived through World War II with his family. Tony wanted to travel and he joined the Royal Navy to later move to the Merchant Navy where there were hard years and constant learning that would take him to Australia where he always considered his home. 

Tony Pike was trained with all kinds of jobs and visits to exotic places, he became a playboy boy and even managed to buy an island in Papua New Guinea that he had to sell due to cannibalism. Many adventures that would head to Ibiza on a ferry in 1978.


The arrival of Tony Pike

On his arrival on the white island, his attention was drawn to a farm with more than 500 years old near San Antonio called Can Pep Toniet, where he bought it without water or electricity and the desire to turn it without knowing it into one of the most secret places in all Ibiza.


Since its opening in 1980, Pikes Ibiza became a paradise of hedonism and rock n’ roll, where the fusion of the rustic and bohemian made this place one of the most important playgrounds on the entire island.

Unlimited fun where all kinds of DJs, singers and celebrities from all over the world have gone to enjoy this place. Tony welcomed everyone with open arms to join in on this madness, including Julio Iglesias and Freddie Mercury playing tennis on his famous iconic court.


Year of rest

In 2010, Tony Pike stopped directing the commercial part of the hotel, handing it over to Dawn Hindle and Andy McKay of Ibiza Rocks Group, where they saw the potential to revive the hotel while respecting all its essence and magic. Mr. Pike continued to live in one of the humblest rooms of the hotel until his death in 2019, where he left magical secrets and full of stories within his walls.


The bohemian hotel

They are one of the few places left where you can breathe the original atmosphere of the island, where that bohemian charm exists and which has inspired the vast majority of current hotels on the island.

The hotel has 26 rooms and each of them has its own personality. In addition, it has a gastronomic offer in its Pamelas Restaurant that has food from the island by the pool or roasted every Sunday.



Pikes Ibiza you will find all kinds of music, the hotel has a program like Freddies with its House Party on Saturdays with special guests, entertainers and magic.

The most important party is on Saturdays with “Pikes presents…” which since 2018 have brought the best international talent such as Farboy Slim, Carl Craig or Kittin. Without a doubt, every night you will live a unique experience that you cannot miss.


Map of Pikes Ibiza

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