Paradiso Art Hotel – design and art in a hotel in Ibiza

Surely you have seen some photos on Instagram about this famous hotel that shows what is art deco, neon and kitsch. It all started in 2018 when the interior design studio LL Mio Desing made a work of art in a hotel in Ibiza called Paradiso Art Hotel.

The hotel is located on the bay of San Antonio. This enclosure of more than 12,000 square meters, shows in a nutshell a rogue, transgressive, surprising and very seductive design. With an interior aesthetic that winks at Italy and Miami at the same time, focused on the 70s and 80s.



The most interesting result is some very striking colors where the Millennial Pink is the protagonist in the pool and rooms. We can say that the Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza is a conceptual hotel where it offers a contemporary art gallery specializing in Street art, where there are Art Rooms with works on display in each of the rooms, the Art Library which is a library specializing in art contemporary and the Zero Suite, a room with transparent walls located in the hotel lobby and which will house a program of micro artistic residencies.



The Art Rooms, as the hotel calls them, have contemporary artistic works that are periodically renewed, have a transgressive design and are perfect for enjoying unique nights with their neon lights, saturated tones and geometric shapes.



The hotel is made up of two rectangular pools located on each side of a circular bar, reflecting the art-deco flavor of the building. It also has cabanas and loungers that are placed around the water, while the other side of the building you will see a pool table and cafeteria to make this place something unique.

Map of Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza

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