Pacha Ibiza – the most famous cherries in the world

Pacha Ibiza was born in 1973. It all started in a country house in the city of Ibiza where over the years it has become a brand recognized throughout the world as a clubbing and personal brand level.

Pacha Ibiza keeps the essence in its events, where elegance and glamor are part of the night. In addition, it focuses a lot on taking care of the VIP areas to give the best experience.

Pacha Ibiza


Pacha Ibiza turns 50

This 2023 the cherry club turns 50, which means that this Ibiza 2023 season will be very special for the famous Ibiza club. So prepare your calendar and enjoy a unique experience in the most famous club on the island.

Solomun at Pacha ibiza


First we dine, then we dance

The same club has the Pacha Restaurant to make the perfect night with Mediterranean dishes accompanied by classic cocktails.

Pacha’s cuisine consists of Mediterranean pasta, meat and fish dishes. It also has vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Pacha Ibiza Restaurant


The best parties

Every year Pacha Ibiza tries to have the best DJs in the world together with the best events, they have international DJs like Solomun with his Solomun +1 party in which he has a guest or the legendary Marco Carola with his famous Music On party.

Musc On at Pacha Ibiza


Map of Pacha Ibiza

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All Pacha Ibiza events for the 2024 season ⬆️

See here all the events of the cherries club in the world.

Flower Power at Pacha Ibiza

Flower Power 

18/05/2024 – 12/10/2024

Pure at Pacha Ibiza

Robin Schulz

09/05/2024 – 03/10/2024


22/05/24 – 02/10/24

Camelphat at Pacha Ibiza


21/05/2024 – 01/10/2024

Muisc ON at Pacha Ibiza

Music On

17/05/2024 – 11/10/2024


23/06/24 – 06/10/24