Lydia’s Smoke House – the revolutionary burgers and barbecues of Ibiza

César Galán and John Malek revolutionized the Ibizan gastronomic scene with their new concept of southern burgers and barbecues, Lydia’s Smoke House.

Ibiza has life beyond the warm months and more and more businesses are opening on the island throughout the year to promote another type of tourism.

Lydia’s Smoke House is a place that is committed to good gastronomy throughout the year with local products and specialties that have made it successful in recent years with an infallible recipe: top burgers in Ibiza, a special atmosphere and roasts in the southern way.



How did Lydia’s come about?

Since the doors of Lydia’s opened in a very short time, it has become one of the best conquered places on the island, by DJs, friends of the sector and celebrities such as the entire crew of the yacht founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, who took up to 70 burgers.

Everything arose from the chef César Galán who, after the unexpected closure of Efímero, wanted to return to Ibiza after spending some time in overflowing Madrid and began to work in the kitchens of Roto.


CEO's Lydia's

“There I met my partner John. I was in the kitchen and he was in the reserves. One night, with everything clean, some customers came in. He came in to order something for them and I made the restaurant’s burger. That’s when we started talking about this world. A few days later, John made a barbecue, just like roasts do in the southern United States and invited me. I was amazed, “says Galán.

During the winter after Roto’s season closed, they saw that there was little culture of this type of cooking since the machines are very expensive and that’s how Lydia’s began, an inspiration for smoke houses in the United States, where primary products stand out such as wood and iron.


Lydia’s Burger and Grill Secret

The aroma that it gives off when entering comes from their own smokers where they roast pieces every day for 6, 8 or 12 hours.

It has a unique and concise menu, you can order from its pork ribs smoked in chandeliers, unique Iberian meats or the queen of the house at Lydia’s is the hamburger, in which it uses four parts of the cow, removing the fat and we infiltrate it from the marrow. In addition, every day they measure the PH of the meat to study to the millimeter the amount of fat they carry, so that it is always the same.


Map of Lydia’s Smoke House Ibiza


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