Los Felices Ibiza – combination of fashion and Mid-Century style

This season, specifically in June 2024, Ibiza will have its ninth hotel from the company of the best hotels on the island, The Concept Hotel Group called Los Felices Ibiza.

As The Concept Hotel Group team has accustomed us to, it keeps all kinds of details and will be located in San José Bay, very close to other hotels of the company. Los Felices Ibiza combines architecture inspired by the mid-century style of Palm Springs with fashion, giving an unusual approach to the hotel.


Palm Springs inspired design

The architecture and design of Los Felices Ibiza focuses on a famous summer city where it was chosen by American celebrities in the 1960s and 1970s.

It saves all kinds of details thanks to the architecture and design studio Ilmiodesign, where they have been involved in all the group’s hotel creations and Los Felices Ibiza could not be less, where they will be in charge of the hotel’s interior design, guaranteeing a high-quality aesthetic.


Dedicated to fashion

Los Felices Ibiza is a hotel dedicated to the world of fashion, a characteristic different from other hotels. National and international designers make way to integrate the experience in every corner of the hotel, where Alejandro Gómez Palomo, Pepa Salazar, Angel Nokonoko, Louis Gabriel Nouchi or tributes such as the Spanish designer David Delfin can be found.


Design to live unique experiences

Los Felices Ibiza offers a wide variety of experiences to its guests, such as the lobby where it will have a Hall Of Fame that will highlight all the designers involved in this wonderful fashion hotel. In addition, taking care of every detail such as a kiosk where you can find fashion magazines and books, the Les Fleurs boutique and The Palms Restaurant inspired by the colors of Palm Springs from the 60s.


Fashionable swimming pools

The hotel will have two pool areas, one pink and the other yellow, being the main colors of the establishment in which these two areas will be separated by a parasol-shaped DJ booth.

The Futuro House Stage will be the space for fashionable dolphins and concerts, taking inspiration from houses designed by the Danish architect Mari Suuronen in the 70s. In addition, Los Felices Ibiza offers 6 villas in which each one is named after a great designer.


Pop-up Room

As an innovative element, Los Felices Ibiza presents a special room called Pop-up Room, it will be for multiple uses such as workshops, ateliers and shop windows. Ideal for brands and designers to express their creativity in a different project.


Silence of Paris in the Club

The Silence of Paris group will be the ones who will lead the Club inside the hotel, offering very special sessions that are known for their parties at fashion shows and their connection with Paris fashion.


Map of Hotel Los Felices Ibiza

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