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Ibiza September Guide – is Ibiza still good in Septembre?

If your idea is to plan a trip to the white island in September, we advise you not to think twice and buy your plane tickets as soon as possible. Any time of the year is good to visit Ibiza, September is one of the best months to do so and in this article we are going to give you the different reasons why September is undoubtedly the best month to visit Ibiza.


Less tourism, but with a lot of charm

September is undoubtedly a month with less tourism than the months of July and August. This is an advantage since the vast majority of coves and beaches that surround the island, highlighting the most visited ones, make it much more pleasant to be able to enjoy them with so many people.

Another great advantage is the level of nightlife, where prices tend to drop a bit on tickets and the parties continue to be with world-class DJs in each of the clubs that make up the island.

Finally, the restaurants and roads are much less crowded, which is a great advantage to seek to get lost around the island with peace of mind and to be able to eat anywhere without a reservation.

Ses Salines


Affordable accommodations

September tends to lower the price of apartments and hotels in general throughout the island, due to having a little less demand, which also causes more options to stay.

A great advantage at this point is to do it with plenty of time where the result you can find authentic price reductions that will make your stay a memory for a lifetime.

Ibiza Hotels


The perfect weather

The month of September the sun continues to shine spectacularly, although the temperatures will drop a bit, it is still milder than in other places in the Mediterranean. The weather in Ibiza remains very good until October or early November, but if you want to enjoy the wonderful beaches, September is the perfect month as the lowest average temperature is 19ºC and the maximum is 27ºC.

Another important fact is that the water in Ibiza remains warm with an average temperature of 25ºC to enjoy perfect baths and enjoy water sports until the end of the day, where the sunset is not until 8:00 p.m. and 7:40 p.m. hours at the end of the month.

Las Salinas beach


Travel with family

If your idea is to plan a family trip in Ibiza, avoid traveling in July and August. Without a doubt, September is the best summer month to enjoy Ibiza with the family for a quiet trip with family or friends. It should be noted that in low season it is also very pleasant for these cases, although many restaurants, hotels, shops and nightclubs close during the winter season.


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