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Ibiza Boat Club – the most luxurious floating venue in Ibiza

Among the myriad offerings that make Ibiza an international destination, the Ibiza Boat Club Open new tab stands out as the center of exclusive vibes, stunning views and a dash of adventure.
Ibiza Boat Club is Ibiza’s unique floating beach club.

With panoramic views of Ibiza and Formentera, this stylish and luxurious 90ft catamaran features
comfortable sunbeds, sofa lounges and a state-of-the-art Void sound system.



Ibiza Boat Club is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an immersive experience that elevates the
concept of maritime tourism to new heights.

Exclusivity, sophistication, uniqueness, entertainment and shared joy are the ingredients in each
experience they offer. As you step aboard, you’re welcomed by friendly but professional faces that will be there to tailor your journey into un unforgettable experience.

Every detail on both the vessels – Ibiza Boat Club I Open new tab and Ibiza Boat Club II Open new tab – has been carefully
considered to ensure a fusion of comfort and style for all the guests.

Everyone is VIP, no one excluded. If you are looking for something more private you can organise your own event, but if you are looking to meet new people from all over the world you can join their public events.

They have a colourful palette of events such as Formentera with Benefits Open new tab, the Five Star Boat Party Open new tab and the Aftersun Ibiza boat party Open new tab.

Ibiza Boat Club


FORMENTERA WITH BENEFITS: The exclusive day trip to Ibiza’s little sister

If you don’t have a private yacht, this is Ibiza’s best experience on the water. It’s definitely the most comfortable and enchanting way to visit Formentera

It’s an all-inclusive full day trip (10.30h – 21.00h) in which you can combine relaxation with action,
privacy with connection and nature with luxury. You have 6 hours on one of Europe’s most beautiful islands by yourself and then 4 hours time on the floating beach club.

Aboard the catamaran, gourmet food like home-made Paella Ciega de Marisco y Peix, ice-cold
and an Italian sax player are ready for you. Everything is included in your ticket. Nothing
you have to worry about or take care of.

For those looking for a little extra during their vacation, for a day to unwind and forget the realworld for a day, the Formentera with Benefits trip Open new tab is the real deal.

Ibiza Boat Club


FIVE STAR BOAT PARTY: The most exclusive boat party in Ibiza

Imagine a sun-kissed afternoon (13.00h – 16.00h), a mature international crowd around you (23 –
45 years old) and beats that make you want to dance – that’s the Ibiza vibe.

The best part? Everything is included in your ticket. Freshly cooked paella, ice-cold drinks, and a
dance floor that welcomes your best moves – it’s a party where the sea sets the stage.

It’s like a yacht party… but instead of having only 12 of your friends aboard, you share the
experience with 120 exclusive guests from all over the world. Five Star Boat Party Open new tab is ideal for you.


AFTERSUN BOAT PARTY: The new sunset boat party

As the day winds down, the Aftersun boat party Open new tab kicks in. (18.00h – 21.00h). If you are looking for something young (20 – 35 years old), crowded and wild, this is the solution for those on a budget. Up to 300 like-minded party animals, 3 hours of music, Ibizas magical sunset, unlimited drinks.

Sounds unreal? No, it’s one of the best Ibiza Boat Club jewels. Now it’s up to you to choose… which event would you like to join?


Map of Ibiza Boat Club


Information about Ibiza Boat Club

Ibiza Boat Club
Based on 788 reviews
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Jon PearceJon Pearce
13:21 20 Apr 24
Amazing boat trip ! Had the best trip. Great tunes and best vibes. Would highly recommend the trip. A must do trip when you come to Ibiza
Perfect StylePerfect Style
12:56 20 Apr 24
Great experience, great day!!!
Julien MarimanJulien Mariman
12:56 20 Apr 24
Top ! Magical experience and great atmosphere. I highly recommend
Darko KosticDarko Kostic
16:45 13 Apr 24
Activity to avoid, false meeting place, false meeting time, information on the description of the activity false, they sell you lies with supposedly 2 slides and a springboard when they are non-existent. It’s a perfect pigeon catcher.
TV TrinhTV Trinh
21:21 27 Feb 24
The dj played really nice music and the boat is great! Also the crowd is a nice mix of people!
Edison LevineEdison Levine
20:28 13 Feb 24
Poor management, booked and paid my bday trip, due to their mistake overbooked with a private tour, they want me to change my birthday to a different day lol with a complimentary champagne. All of our 25 people who booked has to cancel and wait almost a week to get our money back. So unprofessional, hardly understand their English communication either. Always believe in silver lining, In the end we found another company does better work.
Sofya KodintsevaSofya Kodintseva
13:01 18 Jul 23
amazing experience that i would recommend to anyone coming to ibiza. we went to formentera, and it is true that everyone is VIP on this boat, all waiters were really fun and kind, we could always ask for anything, they provide food and drinks that are included in the ticket and you could drink as much as you want. we also rent a bike in formentera for 25€ (i recommend to rent it in advance before departing from ibiza as it is cheaper) and went to one of the most beautiful places and beaches i’ve seen in my life!
Marco TuscherMarco Tuscher
10:11 18 Jun 23
What an unforgettable experience!! Made soo much fun. It’s definitely wirth it. The team takes very good care if you. It’s enough space fir everyone if you take the trip to Formentera. The paella was first class and the drinks are very good. They bring basically everything to you… you don’t have to walk around the boat. Later there is a party with a very good DJ. Quite a perfect day!
Lea DLea D
09:48 21 May 22
Formentera with Benefits (the 11:30-930) experience is SPECTACULAR.Firstly, filter the reviews on Google to the newest because the reviews from before January of 2022 are outdated. The boat has been remodeled, the itinerary has been updated, and the IBC has out done themselves.This new boat is incredible- two stories with unisex bathrooms “because we are all unisexy” and a slide into the water! The 360 infinity pool is the Mediterranean sea! They have floats and paddle boards too. They don’t oversell the boat on purpose- everyone has a seat/bed (a day bed if you’re one of the first 10 groups to board, otherwise there’s comfy sofas) but everyone shares by the end of the day! I recommend water shoes/flip flops for the boat as it can get slippery and you’ll want them in the bathrooms. The age range of this crowd was definitely 21-50. The boat rocks with alot of wind while sailing so not for people with children or elderly. No one got super wasted, we were all there to dance and have a great day! Everyone was so friendly and inclusive!We called and spoke with Luisa before booking and she made us feel super happy about our purchase. The staff are so incredibly friendly and just provide copious amounts of croissants, beer, sangria, soft drinks, water (in dispensers- bring your own water bottle!) and coffee all day! And even a late night cinnamon rum coffee to warm you up!You start the day with an 11:30 sharp take off. Do not get on any other boats as there are many that take off before 11:30 (and other operators try to trick you onto their boats).The menu was coffee and croissants in the morning- and sangria immediately. You’re dropped off into Formentera by 12:30 and you’re there until 530! The boat leaves for another brunch experience that the IBC offers and returns at 530 sharp. They offer you bikes/scooters/car rentals at the dock but we just rented a car as a group of four on arrival and got around fine. Most places you can bike to in a half hour but that eats a lot of time! If you can ride a 50cc scooter, just bring your home driving license and you’re golden. They’re 22€. The bikes are 8€ each and our car for the day was 45€.* If you just want sun and sand and a beach restaurant with bathrooms and public bathrooms, I recommend just getting the bikes and heading north to the bluest beach you can imagine: The Ses Illetes and the restaurant is Es Ministre.Back to the boat at 530!! At dinner at 6pm there was seafood paella, chicken paella, and a veggie burger. The music is perfect- houseMusic with a live saxophone! They can’t play it loud because this land is a nature reserve so they are super conscious of that. We ordered Moet Chandon bottles for 50€ each! Retail on those is near 70€.By this time you’re making friends and dancing and really wanting all the food you can eat!! Those croissants were clutch! If you’re celiac or gluten intolerant I recommend bringing your own snacks but you’re good with the paella!We had an absolute BLAST on IBC FwB. Their 2022 experience is exactly what the people asked for. They are doin it right! Thank you so much and special shout out to Jan our German croissant disperser who always timed those carbs as we needed them! This was the MOST FUN day on our trip! Highly highly recommended!!

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