Hostal La Torre Ibiza – An accommodation inspired by the magic of the island

If you are looking for a unique accommodation where you can live 24 hours a day all the magic that the Ibiza sky gives you with privileged views, that is Hostal La Torre Ibiza.

With a location facing the Mediterranean, its cozy rooms and a spectacular restaurant, you will be able to complete one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.

Hostal La Torre Ibiza is located on a hill in Cap Negret, San Antonio, where you will see the entire sea from a unique panoramic view. It is not for less, this wonderful hotel-restaurant has a balcony open to the Mediterranean, which together with its 18 rooms with views of the blue sea will make you feel all the magic of Ibiza every time you wake up.



A bohemian atmosphere

If something characterizes the most inspired places in Ibiza, it is the bohemian atmosphere that invites you to delve into the past and live unique experiences. The rooms at Hostal La Torre Ibiza have double rooms, Deluxe doubles and junior suites with or without a balcony.
Hostal La Torre Ibiza


Restaurate La Torre

This wonderful hostel has a unique restaurant on the ground floor, where you can savor a varied cuisine under spectacular views.

La Torre Restaurant is the ideal place to have a drink at every sunset, one of the best places to see the best skies in Ibiza.

One of the options of this restaurant is that on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. they celebrate the “Yoga & Breakfast” for 33 euros per person in which you can attend a relaxing yoga class and have a special breakfast.



Open all year long

It is undoubtedly a place loved by the whole island, for this they are open throughout the year so that residents and visitors can enjoy this corner of the Mediterranean.
Restaurante La Torre Ibiza
Rooms at Hostal La Torre Ibiza

Map of Hostal La Torre Ibiza


Information about La Torre Ibiza

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