Golden Buddha – sunbeams illuminate the buddha

Golden Buddha is a restaurant that tells the legend that the sun’s rays are recharged every afternoon to illuminate every space in the house.

It has a number of incredible dishes, with fruity breakfasts, cocktails for enjoying the sunset, and the tastiest Asian meals. It has a wooden design, with chill out places and perfect views to enjoy the Ibizan sunset in the best possible way.

Golden Buddha Ibiza


Ideal place for sunset

This restaurant has an ideal location to enjoy the best sunsets in Ibiza with relaxing music in the background. In addition, it has an extensive menu of food and drinks to give that magical touch.

Golden Buddha Sunset
Golden Buddha Ibiza


Gold menu

On the Golden Buddha’s menu you can find Asian and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. In addition, you can accompany them with incredible cocktails to give that perfect finishing touch to a perfect sunset.

Golden Buddha Ibiza


Perfect atmosphereu

This restaurant has a calm atmosphere waiting for the sunset. Its location on the first line of the Caló des Moro promenade makes this restaurant-bar highly acclaimed.

It has an Ibizan style, but maintaining Asian origins, giving that exotic touch to enjoy a perfect atmosphere.

Salon at Golden Buddha
Cocktails at Golden Buddha Ibiza


Map of Golden Buddha Ibiza


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