Finca La Plaza – gastronomic sensations in Santa Gertrudis

Try sensations and gastronomic delights in the heart of Santa Gertrudis, a small town with a lot of charm and naturalness in a multicultural environment in Ibiza.

This town is in the center of the island, considered the heart of Ibiza, the ideal place for creative restaurants to showcase their innovative gastronomic proposals such as Finca La Plaza.


Find the best fresh quality and in a natural setting to taste fresh local produce and the locally sourced soul of the island. A perfect place to have lunch or dinner among trees and flowers, with an outdoor garden and under the shining stars at dinner.


The romantic place on the island of Ibiza

Searching on the island to be able to dine under the stars and see the Ibiza sky in all its splendor is possible. Also, creating an artistically created atmosphere along with exceptional dishes.

The menu will seduce you with different types of dishes that will make you enjoy all the local flavor of the island. We cannot forget its avant-garde wine list, where a specialized sommelier will ensure the selection of the perfect wine for your perfect lunch or dinner.


Past design

Finca La Plaza comes from an old farm or country house, in which it preserves its wooden door along with many unique details. With bamboo chairs, reclaimed wood for the tables and lovely plants they make for a unique setting.


Special environment

If you are looking for a place that makes you feel at home in Ibiza, that place is Finca La Plaza. A perfect place with a cosmopolitan clientele, especially at night that will make you travel through time over an old farmhouse and as waiters pass by with great quality food and drinks.

Finca La Plaza


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