Es Paradis



Es Paradis Ibiza – one of the oldest clubs on the island

Es Paradis was inaugurated in 1975, being one of the most charming nightclubs on the island and one of the oldest. Formerly it was an open-air club where the most famous of Ibiza enjoyed every night under the stars, but in 1990 due to noise regulations they had to build the famous pyramid that today can be seen in this wonderful club.

Es Paradis Ibiza


One of the most beautiful interiors at club level

Es Paradis is undoubtedly one of the most charming clubs in Ibiza, surrounded by glamor and different tones along with colors that make this place a unique place. In addition, it has Roman-style columns and picturesque walls, making each night a unique and different place from the rest of the clubs in Ibiza.

Eden Ibiza


Getting started in Ibiza with the water festival

This club over the years and the perfect location in San Antonio, the vast majority of people who visit it are usually young people or who go to Ibiza for the first time to enjoy its famous Water Party.

Es Paradis


Type of events in Es Paradis

This Ibiza club does not usually create such international events or world DJs. The events throughout each week vary with different musical styles, going through hip-hop, reggaeton, house or among others.


Map of Es Paradis Ibiza

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