Enjoy the secrets of the white island in October – Ibiza Guide October 2024

Many people wonder if it is worth traveling to Ibiza in autumn, what things can I do in Ibiza in October? Is the weather good in Ibiza in October? Can you enjoy the beach in Ibiza in October?

If you are thinking of coming to Ibiza in October, don’t miss this article and discover why you should book your plane ticket today and a good hotel at a very reasonable price.

Activities in Ibiza


How is Ibiza in October?

The white island in the month of October is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, being a very pleasant time to enjoy every day in any geographical point of the island without having to be overwhelmed by so many tourists.

You can enjoy beaches with very few people and even empty. It will depend on the destinations you want to go to, a very clear example is the famous coves of Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta.

These beaches are a natural paradise of Ibiza and being “small”, in high season they are usually crowded with people and there is no space, even closed when they reach the maximum number of visitors.

Which is a privilege to be able to enjoy these beaches with so few people, if you want to know more about the beaches of Ibiza, do not hesitate to go to our beach guide in the ‘Ibiza‘ section at the top.

Cala Saladeta Ibiza


How is the weather in Ibiza in October?

The average temperature in Ibiza in October is around 25º maximum, so the beach will never be a problem, the water temperature has not yet started to cool down, you park very easily anywhere on the island and you can still enjoy hours of light to enjoy the Ibizan sun.


What clothes should you wear in Ibiza in October?

The temperature is very pleasant and there are only five days of rain on average in the entire month of October. Without a doubt, summer clothes and swimwear are essential.

At night it is true that it’s not summer nights, which usually have an average temperature of 16º. Necessary warm clothes when the sun goes down to be able to continue enjoying the magic of Ibiza.

Cala d'Hort


Are there good hotel deals in Ibiza in October?

October is the closing season for many hotels on the island, so there are very good offers at exclusive prices that you won’t be able to refuse. There are offers for all types of budgets: apartments, suites, 5-star and luxury hotels.

Our “Hotels” search engine will allow you to find all the hotels for each geographical area that you like the most at the best price.


The best Closing Parties in Ibiza in October 2023 (you can see more parties not mentioned)

Amnesia Ibiza:
elrow Ibiza Closing Party: 30 September 2023

Paradise Closing Party: 4 October 2023
Pyramid Closing Party: 8 October 2023
Amnesia Closing Festival: 14 October 2023

Eden Ibiza:
Eden Closing Party:

Hi Ibiza:
The Vortex Closing Party: 7 October 2023

Pacha Ibiza:
Bedouin Saga Closing Party: 4 October 2023
Music On Closing Party: 31 October 2023
Solomun +1 Closing Party: 

Ushuaïa Ibiza:
The Vortex Closing Party: 7 October 2023
ANTS Closing Party: 30 September 2023

DC10 Ibiza:
Solid Grooves: 28 September 2023
Circoloco Closing Party: 9 October 2023

Destino Ibiza:
Destino Music On Closing Party:13 October 2023

Amnesia Ibiza

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