El Silencio Ibiza – the last paradise of Cala Moli

There are many incredible places in Ibiza, of which you will remember, one of them is El Silencio. The Parisian brand wants to give the best experience to all visitors with its restaurant specialized in cook with coals by the renowned Mauro Colagreco.

This pop up restaurant is under the fire of chef Guillaume Sánchez, the installation by the Brazilian Samuel de Saboia, collaboration with a Hungarian fashion firm called Nanushka and a great musical program.

El Silencio Ibiza


The perfect place

El Silencio Ibiza is located in the quiet Cala Molí, a wild beach where nature means that together with this beach club they have a fusion of creative minds to enjoy all the culture, crafts, fashion and spirit of Ibiza in one place.

El Silencio Ibiza


Gastronomy of 10

El Silencio began with the opening of a new restaurant concept by the three Michelin stars Mauro Colagreco, from Argentina, designing a menu with his right hand Federico Desseno, a master cook with coals. Thanks to them, the kitchen has a passion for fire and love to live unforgettable experiences in a very special place.

In addition, the cocktail bar is in charge of Remy Savage, a Franco-Irish mixologist belonging to the select group The World’s 50 Best Bars.

El Silencio


Special design

El Silencio has been designed by the Mallorcan architecture studio Moredesign, specialized in the contemporary with traditional techniques and taking imaginary elements from the 70s as imaginary elements.

All this inspired by Cala Moli, the natural cove that reflects the Ibiza of the 70s, for this reason it uses the use of local and traditional materials such as juniper wood, stone, sand and esparto grass elements.


The pool in the oasis

El Silencio Ibiza has become the exclusively designed beach club that has a pool to enjoy under the Ibizan sun.

The objective of this incredible place is to disconnect and relax on the shores of the Mediterranean, offering comfort, simplicity and everything in a natural space surrounded by Ibizan magic at the rhythm of a great kitchen.

Pool at El Silecio


Map of El Silencio


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