El Carnicero Ibiza – the best grilled meat in Ibiza

El Carnicero is a restaurant focused on simple cuisine, without pretensions and without artifice. Specialists in meats, they have the best meats on the island such as European, Spanish and American steaks, Argentine rib-eye, Canadian T-bone, Australian bottom sirloin, Tomahawk, Uruguayan entrecote, etc.

All of this was possible thanks to the chef from Buenos Aires, Enmanuel Gentili, where he cooks all the roast meat.

El Carnicero


Much more than a restaurant

You are not just going to eat at El Carnicero restaurant, you are going to enjoy the incredible nights on the White Island where anything can happen. This restaurant has a unique atmosphere so that you feel special at a unique table of different experiences with delicious flavors.


Restaurant philosophy

El Carnicero is an eclectic cosmos with a multitude of microworlds and microenvironments where you can choose to eat informally, sit at the high table on the island or perhaps in the most private and romantic corner, hidden by the plants and away from the hustle and bustle.

If you’re looking for something different, it’s worth spending time here, whether it’s for a pre-dinner drink or lengthening the meal with spectacular cocktails after a big dinner.

El Carnicero Ibiza


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