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Casa Maca Ibiza – the Ibizan rural hotel with a special restaurant

There are many places in Ibiza where you can enjoy your stay throughout the year, one of them is Casa Maca. This hotel and restaurant has fundamental elements to be able to enjoy its gastronomy and to be able to enjoy it in one of its rooms.
Casa Maca Ibiza
Casa Maca



Casa Maca is a boutique hotel where nature and the magic of the island come together. It has a rural location and is very close to the city of Ibiza, which makes it a unique and at the same time privileged place.

The word Maca comes from the Ibizan dialect and means beautiful. No matter what taste you have, Casa Maca is a beautiful place for all its visitors. Its very rural design makes it a unique place with its cacti in pots, giving a tropical atmosphere, along with an Airstream caravan that makes it a very festive place.

The large grill on which fresh meat and vegetables are hung, the wonderful views of Dalt Vila and being able to enjoy its gastronomy with dreamlike landscapes, make Casa Maca the ideal place in Ibiza.

Casa Maca
Restaurant at Casa Maca


Barbecue at Casa Maca

The Casa Maca restaurant is characterized by its barbecue concept. At night everything is prepared on the grill, if you like meat you have to see the interesting menu it has. In addition, for vegetarians and vegans there is also a lot of variety and Casa Maca is thinking for all kinds of clients.

Casa Maca has its own vegetable garden, where all the vegetables and herbs are fresh and cared for by themselves. To drink, it has a cocktail menu to be able to enjoy its terrace with lounge sofas in the garden.


Restaurant at Casa Maca
Greenhouse at Casa Maca



Being able to imagine a magical corner in the hills of Ibiza, with nature and freedom, this is the rural hotel Casa Maca. Its location in the quiet hills of Can Palau, lavender fields where there is a traditional rural building over 300 years old, renovated and make a unique place.

Casa Maca has 10 rooms to ensure complete tranquility for guests, while the restaurant is open to the public.

Hotel at Casa Maca
Rooms at Casa Maca


Map of Casa Maca


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Casa Maca
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Xhenis MjaltiXhenis Mjalti
00:03 09 Aug 23
Dania SultanDania Sultan
19:06 08 Aug 23
If you’re looking for an amazing dinner experience… this is the place.Incredible food, and incredible location. Set on a farm with unique dishes and a fantastic setup. We got the burrata, artichoke, steak and truffle mash. Everything was 10/10, the steak was a little underwhelming 6/10.A must visit if you are in ibiza! We went around sunset to experience the day to night.
Vincent HuberVincent Huber
09:50 08 Aug 23
Our experience at Casa Maca (restaurant-only), last Thursday, left us feeling both disappointed and unsafe, and I feel compelled to share our experience.* Casa Maca was given the chance to review this feedback for accuracy, but did not respond to my emailArrival & Initial Experience (9PM-10PM):We arrived at 9PM and enjoyed cocktails before moving to our dinner table at 10PM. The ambiance was initially pleasant, but that quickly changed.Weather & Service Issues (10PM-11:30PM):It began raining almost immediately after we sat down, and as the night went on, it turned into a downpour. Despite asking for umbrellas or shelter, the staff did very little to accommodate us and refused safe shelter. By 11:30PM, we felt forced to leave due to the refusal of safe shelter inside the hotel, despite the dangerous road conditions.Car Trouble (11:45PM-01:30AM):On our way out, our car became stuck in deep water, requiring emergency roadside assistance. We were stuck for multiple hours during the downpour without any place to shelter.Staff Behavior & Mistakes:While I understand that the weather was out of control, the staff’s handling of the situation was nothing short of negligent. Their refusal to provide safe shelter and lack of urgency in finding a solution put us in a dangerous situation.Additionally, Amer, who was initially helpful, became agitated, telling us, “you do not want to fight with a Tunisian”. His reaction seemed bizarre and entirely unprofessional (for context, none of us have ever gotten into a fight and certainly don’t believe we could take on Amer). Furthermore, we were disappointed with the slow response to our requests for solutions. Ultimately, we agreed to pay for just the drinks and have the food removed from the bill. While we accepted this solution at the time, a restaurant of this calibre should not be charging for the overall experience we had.Final Thoughts:Though mistakes can be forgiven in the heat of the moment, the overall experience was severely lacking. A restaurant of this caliber should prioritize customer safety above all else. In this case, Casa Maca failed to do so, and I cannot recommend them based on our experience.
Nuria SimoNuria Simo
14:44 07 Aug 23
We were 2 diners to eat in the restaurant. We came because of the wonderful reviews it had and we already knew the prices on the menu. Everything was SPECTACULAR and I know what wagyu beef tastes like. The vegetables are their own and it shows because the tomatoes taste like tomatoes. And in the end, the prices are a little higher than on the same beach but you eat differently.
Parolai SncParolai Snc
09:33 06 Aug 23
Very atmospheric restaurant with spectacular views over the city of Eivissa. Exceptional cocktails, efficient service, gorgeous grilled meat. Dirt road to get there High prices but worth it
13:10 02 Aug 23
What a great setup! One of the rare places overlooking an amazing evening over the old town! The vibe is a hipster backyard style, with great live dj and amazing views…A great selection of starters, supported with tastier cocktails and a solid wine list!The mains are DELICIOUS!!!! A great selection of cuts, be it the tomahawk, rib eye or else… just YUMMY!!! Not to disregard the sides that match perfectly with the mains!Why than x4⭐️ and not 5⭐️!?!? Well, the service is questionable and the prices are legit to be called out as ripoff! Definitely the quality is there, but not at those exaggerated prices…Would I come again! HELL YEAH! But definitely not as often as I’d like to, just not to be ripped off that often 😌Seating x1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ambiance x1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Service x1: ⭐️⭐️Drinks x1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Presentation x1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Food x5: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Location x1: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Price P/P: ⭐️ $175 – $275Would I recommend this place? 👍NPS – Net Promoter Score: 8️⃣🟡Detractor | Passive | Promoter1 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟢🟢 10
Josefina ForsténJosefina Forstén
08:05 30 Jul 23
We ate in the restaurant that is supposed to be very good and kind of a must go, if you’re in ibiza. The food was ok, not wow. The service was not good at all! Our waitress didn’t pay us attention at all. Complete disaster, at a fancy restaurant like this! The atmosphere and surroundings is magical. The view is amazing. Very beautiful location! I was very disappointed though, since it’s an extremely expensive restaurant and the service was so bad and the food didn’t blew my taste buds away.. Food is a 3 star of 5.
The scenery is just amazing, food was part amazing, part less amazing. Staff was knowledgeable and quick, sooo many of them. Too many rules for my preferences: >€150/person, max 2h dinner… starting the dinner with a stressed feeling… and oh if you are allergic to instagram hungry women/girls, this is not your place 😇
00:38 27 Jul 23
A fantastic lunch experience in the middle of nature. It was seriously amazing! The food was out of this world, bursting with flavors and different textures in every dish. They used fresh ingredients right from their own garden! It was such a perfect and delightful meal!
Svetlin RalchevSvetlin Ralchev
15:47 06 Jul 23
This place is very hyped. We had a lunch there because they are asking for minimum spending on their dinner bookings. The venue has an interesting vibe and atmosphere, but nothing unique or interesting that I have seen in other places. It has a good view and nicer hotel. The staff is average. There were some of them that were nice and hospitable and others that were inattentive. The food is below average for the prices. Again the octopus was chewy and unattractive. All dishes were very salty. The desert was very sugary and mediocre. Prices do not match the offerings and the service. I recommend it only for coffee or night cocktails.

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