Cala Saona




This small beach, despite its short length, (scarcely 140m long), is one of the most beautiful that can be visited and the only cove of Formentera with its size. Its tranquility and characteristic beauty make this cove a must-see for tourists where we can enjoy Restaurant service, hammock, umbrellas, beach bars and the well-known Hotel Cala Saona, one of the accommodations with the best views of Formentera.

Directly to the beach Surrounded by wonderful views offered by the neighboring island of Ibiza, or without going so far, the coast of Punta Pedrera, or the beautiful cliffs of Punta Rasa, which can be easily accessed on foot, as they are only 10 m.

Cala Saona


  • Length: 140m
  • Width: 25m

Restaurants and bars

This beautiful cove you will find two high quality restaurants: Sol Cala Saona Restaurant and Chiringuito Saona.

Cala Saona Formentera

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Map of Cala Saona

Cala Saona

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