Cala d'en Serra



Cala d’en Serra – the best beach in the north of the island

If you are looking for a very little-known and charming cove, this is Cala d’en Serra. This wonderful cove is surrounded by magical nature and transparent water.

Located to the north of the island, it is in a practically virgin area due to how far it is from the island’s centers such as Ibiza Town, San Antonio or Santa Eulalia. Also, if you are a lover of diving, it is the ideal cove to enjoy the seabed in a paradisiacal place.

Cala d’en Serra is a place considered to be an authentic Mediterranean cove, far from hotels, beach clubs and crowds. Its dimensions of barely 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, there is a place for all bathers who want to enjoy the beautiful sea that the north coast of Ibiza has.

The sand on the beach is coarse, has a bed of stone and rocks. It is advisable to bring your water shoes or be careful because of the possibility of sea urchins that we can find.

Cala d'en Serra Ibiza


  • Length: 50m
  • Width: 20m

Restaurants and bars

This cove has somewhat complicated access and is practically virgin, so it does not offer many services like the other beaches. However, it has a fast food bar or you can bring your own food.

Cala d'en Serra beach

Map of Cala d’en Serra

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Cala d'en Serra

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