Amante Ibiza – the most beautiful rural restaurant in Ibiza

There are many beach clubs or restaurants that are beautiful in Ibiza, it makes you travel back in time and enjoy incredible views of the sea, Ibiza-style decoration and unique cuisine. Without a doubt, Amante Ibiza was not going to be less and that is why it is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Ibiza.


The location of the Amante Ibiza is nestled in a hill surrounded by wild vegetation, offering incredible views of the bay of Sol d’en Serra, one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza that you will enjoy during the day and at night you will hear the noise of the waves in a unique way, accompanied by a magical sky.

Amante Ibiza


Unique atmosphere

Amante Ibiza is the perfect place to eat with the sea breeze, with friends or have a romantic dinner, it is the ideal place for a declaration of love in Ibiza.

The background music, the sea breeze, the smell of all the vegetation that surrounds the restaurant and a most exquisite menu, will make it the ideal place that you will not forget in this corner of Ibiza.



Emphasizes modern Mediterranean cuisine at lunch and dinner. Its menu is very elegant, working properly in the right place with contemporary dishes based on Spain and Italy, complemented by fresh fish and grilled meat.



The elegance of Amante Ibiza is focused along with its location on top of a cliff where design and modernity make this beach club a place with unique natural beauty.


Outdoor cinema

In addition to providing an incredible service in meals such as cocktails, Amante Ibiza is transformed into the most beautiful open-air cinema on the island to watch great movies in a green setting along with unique lighting. On its official website you can do the ‘Book Movie Nights in Amante’. Are you going to miss it?


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