Aiyanna Ibiza  paradise at Cala Nova

Ibiza is full of beach bars and restaurants on the seafront to eat, dine or enjoy the sunset. One of the most popular restaurants for its care, bohemian atmosphere and seasonal Mediterranean cuisine is Aiyanna Ibiza.

This beach club was opened in 2017, being the same owners as Amante Ibiza, giving its best service with gastronomic proposals to its little sister in Cala Nova.

Having the privilege of eating in its outdoor dining room will make you feel in a natural and modern space, where you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the entire beach.

The bohemian and hippie details that characterize Ibiza stand out and it is accompanied by a space with large colored fabric umbrellas and cushions of the same style in the chill out area inside.

Aiyanna Ibiza in the night


Gastronomy of Aiyanna Ibiza

The menu of Mediterranean essence has simple and seasonal ingredients, combined with surprising and unique flavors that characterize it as a special place.

They are light and refreshing proposals, perfect for a day at the beach – vegetables predominate, such as roasted beet carpaccio, spiced Labneh cream cheese and Ibizan figs, or green Taboulé and a citrus vinaigrette.

The main outstanding dishes you will find meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Grilled sardine skewer on a bed of salt and green salad.
Aiyanna Ibiza has a food truck that makes freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, to eat healthy from the towel on the sand.

The products are 100% ecological and are made with renewable or recycled materials.


The beach club

The great location of Aiyanna Ibiza makes it one of the few beach restaurants in the northern region of the island, where it offers you a modern and healthy version.

Aiyanna comes from the native American word, translated as “eternal flower”, which makes this restaurant an idyllic place for a perfect day at the beach. Guests can relax in one of the 60 beach beds that Aiyanna offers and enjoy the best bohemian atmosphere of the Ibizan beach.

Aiyanna Ibiza beach club


Map of Aiyanna Ibiza


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